Friday, March 12, 2010


In my home, the spare bedroom is now known as Baby Central. Everything a baby could ever want or need is in there. This is the result of nesting.
 I define nesting as something new and expecting mothers do in preparation for the arrival of the baby. Shopping...lots of shopping is involved. If any of you have kids, you probably remember what it was like. Buying the best baby bed. Buying the best stroller. Oh, and don't forget buying the best Bottles! I remember back in the seventies, all a baby needed was a few bottles, diapers, and a crib. Now they have entire stores dedicated to absorb mass amounts of money from your wallet. Years ago, a crib was less than $ you'll be lucky to find one under $300. Babies R Us, an expectant mom's paradise, has an entire baby bottle section. WTF? I'm not even going to mention the aisles upon aisles of designer baby clothes, diaper bags, and recieving blankets.
Did you know that a hospital will not let you leave the hospital with your newborn without a Car Seat that has been inspected? Did you know that the baby beds that were in use, just 8 years ago, are now considered to be unsafe? Yes, I'm talking about the adjustable railed baby beds. So now you have to buy these enormous beds with high railing that makes it impossible for shorter people to reach their children.
Thinking about all of this now, I feel so neglected and abused. I never once rode in a carseat as a child. I slept soundly at night in an adjustable railed baby bed. I used bottles that did not have "doctor" recommended niples. Hell, my blankie wasn't even fire resistant. To have any of the things occur in these days would land you in jail and your child in foster care. Well, I'm done ranting...I too darned excited to meet my new son. Check back often for updates.

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