Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Blues - Part 1

Every parent gets them. 

Here are some of the biggest Baby Blues:

1)  No more sleeping in.
2)  Dealing with the extra weight that Mommy has put on with the baby.
3)  Stinky diapers are STINKY!
4)  No more going out spontaneously.
5)  Baby sitters are EXPENSIVE!
6)  Formula stains everything it comes in contact with.
7)  You are officially old.
8)  You are no longer the most important thing in this world.

Luckily for me, I am not a rookie father.  This is my fifth child and I am mature enough to cope with the baby blues.  However, for new fathers, the blues are known to cause them to leave Mom hanging.  Well guys, I'm here to tell you that the Baby Blues don't last forever.  It's going to be extremely rough for the first few years.  But when the little tyke gets to be in 1st grade and he reads his first story to you.  You will realize that those Baby Blues were more than worth it.

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